Combining sensor data analysis and telecommunication systems to ensure Situation Awareness.

Indoor localization systems

Tekne develops indoor localization systems providing Modular flexible solution for mobile agents real-time positioning. Our products allow precise and reliable real-time positioning in GPS-denied environment, based on sensors data fusion (UWB, inertial, pressure, etc.)

Blue Force Tracking

BridgeT – Compact BFT processor capable of sending real time position (using GPS) to all squad members using a narrow-band TETRA radio, LTE etc.. Squad positions are visualized on a map using PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.

We can customize your own radios, and develop quick integration with third party software.

BridgeT can be used to convey on narrowband radios highly compressed video streams and other information such as high-resolution images that effectively increase situation awareness. Video, image and audio recording facilitates post-mission analysis as well as evidence collection.




Give a second life to your old MIL-STD 188 Radios Radio Communication Bridge BridgeT is a bridge between tactical radio systems and modern communication ...